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There are two Zegin Pharmacies in Skopje that are open 24 hours a day for you:


Bunjakovec Bulevar Partizanski nr.25/1-35
Tel. (02) 3175181
1000 Skopje

Tel. (02) 3136280
1000 Skopje

ImageOur qualified Zegin team is there for you.
In our pharmacies you can always find a doctor and highly qualified pharmacist. Zegin will answer all your questions related to health issues.

Our competent medical-team provides you with information about treatments and medications. Here, you can get an advice about the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Furthermore, you will be informed by the Zegin team on the effects of medications, prescribed to you by a doctor, and how to get in touch with a specialist nearby. Zegin offers you a competent and easily understandable advice about the topics related to medicines and health issues.

The questions about the health raised by our patients are different as the people who ask them are. The following paragraph contains a small selection of the most frequent ones, which solution has been offered by the Zegin Team:

Would you like to have your complicated medical diagnosis or therapy explained again in private? Would you like to be informed on the effect of a medication, its side-effects and interaction with other medications? If you have any questions about a medicine or its side-effects to raise, do not hesitate to call us anytime you reckon necessary.