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Welcome to ZEGIN

Speech of the President
ImageEstimated partners, dear friends,
I am proud of the fact that ZEGIN company has persevered as one of the basic pillars of the Macedonian pharmaceutical system for more than 22 years. We have established the first wholesaling company on the territory of ex-Yugoslavian spaces, with our own funds, equipment and staff. In all these years of our perseverance we have always tried to behold upon our customers as a priority, while we have been building easily recognizable image by offering most acceptable prices, wide range of products and a professional conduct of our employees, thus we have managed to became a leader in the pharmaceutical sector, which imposes us a liability to further improve these standards for the sake of the entire pharmaceutical sector.
Ever since it was founded, our company has considered the social responsibility as one of its priorities. ZEGIN has always given help to those who needed it. Our company has participated in numerous charity activities, and by donating pharmaceuticals it also helped a lot of humanitarian organizations, such as Doctors beyond frontiers, International Red Cross, etc. The social responsibility policy and the proven humanitarian activities resulted in 7-times winning the “ the humanitarian of the year” price.
ImageToday ZEGIN has proved to be one of the most successful companies in Macedonia. According to its consolidated turnover, we belong to 20 biggest Macedonian enterprises. Our qualities have been detected by the foreign investors too, and as a result they have recently recapitalized our company. From that moment onwards ZEGIN has become a part of multinational company which future plans are not confined by the frontiers of the Republic of Macedonia.

The company is also broadening its interests into other realms of the economy.
I would like to express my gratitude to all our faithful customers and loyal partners for their collaboration, and I hope that our partnership and friendship shall continue in the future.

My motto is :
Zegin medicine used once-friends for all times!